A Quebec company

A love story

Haube is a company from the South Shore of Montreal that offers baby products.

Our creations are oriented towards the timeless and minimalist style that will delight parents who are fanatics of Scandinavian aesthetics.

Creative and inspired by what we see every day, we want to capture the most important moments in the development of your little ones.

Our goal is to provide local families with durable and diversified products that fit perfectly into the daily life of a parent who likes practical and efficient things.

Haube's story


Our adventure with Haube began in March 2022 when my fiancée Chanelle and I (Jake) were planning our trip to Bali for the following year. Chanelle wanted to visit the orphanages there and on further digging, we came across videos from bloggers who had previously visited the “Josie O'Shea House” orphanage. These bloggers mostly donated food and supplies for children.

At that time, we already had plans to start our own brand, but we didn't yet know which products we were going to bet on. After several attempts of research on the internet, we fell in love with silicone products for babies (bibs, pacifiers, accessories and others), because they met all our criteria by far. Above all, we wanted these items to be safe, useful and durable for families. Also, for us, the safety aspect for the baby was essential.

We wanted the items to be friendly and easy to use for families in addition to being visually appealing.

Our values


The design goes through a rigorous process that ensures products that are compliant and safe for children. Products are certified and approved by the FDA, BPA, ISO 9001 and other agencies to ensure their quality and viability.


We demonstrate commitment in each of our actions towards our community by remaining available at all times to answer questions and queries about our products. Each customer is at the heart of our actions and actively participates in the development of our collections with an inclusive exchange process through our media content.


We are committed to offering products that are durable over time and that your child can use throughout their development.

Marketing director


In our momentum, we partnered with a person as passionate as us, Tim. By joining forces with Tim, who specializes in marketing, this allowed us to further refine the structure of our offer in addition to contributing to the realization of various projects in parallel, including the website, photo shoot, events and others.

Tim brings his creative side and is constantly looking for innovative ideas to make Haube a place of reference for families here. He puts forward his passion for marketing in order to make the products shine and preserve the timeless style of the collections.

Artistic director


Of course, these talents complemented those of Chanelle and me. From then on, Chanelle could take care of the influence of the brand image, to carry out research on the quality of the products and to find those which meet our criteria. By working at the DYP with the host families, the latter was able to
develop expertise and concern for baby safety criteria.

Chanelle takes care of carefully choosing the best products to offer your children the best in terms of quality. Her active listening and her concern for the development and safety of children influence the selection of products to give them a maternal and warm touch.

Business Development Director


We complement the team's expertise with Jake's experience and skills in management and organizational development.

He is constantly looking for new ideas to propel the company. He proposes innovative ideas and contributes to the establishment of a friendly structure within the team.

Jake brings his family and unifying side and he is the main point of contact for suppliers and customers. He constantly seeks to improve the structure in place in order to facilitate the purchasing process for customers and to make Haube products accessible to all families here. His commitment, his passion and his dedication are the heart of the company.


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